We’ve just given you links or suggestions where to search in this section. Helpline numbers and hours of opening are on each website and often lots of very helpful information.

Do remember if you telephone an organisation, you may have to leave a message and wait for a reply. Many are staffed by volunteers who do not work full-time.

If you need time off work or are really worried how you are feeling even after you have read the information on some of the websites we have listed or contacted a helpline, please do remember your GP is also there to support you.


The person was being cared for in a hospice

Most hospices have a bereavement support service and will get in touch with you a few weeks after the death. Give the hospice a call if you need to talk to someone sooner.


There wasn’t anything unusual about the death but I need someone to talk to someone

Cruse Bereavement Care
Cruse is the largest charity supporting bereaved people in a variety of ways.


The person was killed by someone else

Support after Murder and Manslaughter.


The person took their own life

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide.


I was there and saw what happened and I can’t get those images out of my head

Assist Trauma Care
Provides support to people who may have post-traumatic stress disorder.


The person died in a road traffic collision

Road Peace
National charity for road crash victims.

Brake – the road safe charity
Road safety charity that also supports victims.


My baby has died

My baby miscarried
Miscarriage Association

My baby was stillborn
SANDS – Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society

My baby had a condition incompatible with life
ARC – Antenatal Results and Choices

My baby died while very small
SANDS – Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society

They don’t know why my baby died
The Lullaby Trust
A new name for the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths i.e. Cot Death or SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome


My child has died

Child Death Helpline.
The Compassionate Friends

Includes support for grandparents and brothers and sisters. The parent and child can be any age i.e. both can be adults

Childhood Bereavement Network
Child Bereavement Network – helps you to search for support in your area for you and any other children affected


I need information for my child that I know are safe for them to get in touch without me knowing about it

Child Bereavement UK
Supports parents and children affected by the death of a child or an adult.

Has a section of the website for young people created with the help of young people.
Winstons Wish
Supports bereaved children and the adults helping them

Hope Again
Website designed by and for young people who are bereaved


I don’t know anything about the illness s/he died from

Many illnesses have charities devoted to research and support of people affected by them, including people bereaved as a result of the illness. Just type the name of the condition into your search engine.


I already have a mental illness and I can’t cope with bereavement as well

Do get in touch with your GP or your mental health team in case your regular treatment needs adjusting in the current difficult circumstances.


I’m LGBT – I need to talk with someone who understands

London Friend operates a part-time helpline for LGBT people who are bereaved.


No-one knows I am bereaved – our relationship was secret

If you contact an organisation such as Cruse your information will be completely confidential. They offer support by phone and email if you do not want to meet anyone face to face.



I am supporting a bereaved person with learning disabilities

Learning Difficulties and Bereavement

This link has a helpful article written by NHS professionals


What benefits can I get?

You can find information about benefits after someone has died here:
gov.uk – benefits & bereavement