What happens immediately after someone has died depends both on where they have died and also the circumstances. How someone is looked after is affected by whether their death was expected or whether it was sudden and unexpected and also on the actual cause of death. If you have already instructed a funeral director or the funeral has already taken place, skip this section unless something has happened that you don’t understand and you need more information.

 The most common questions

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Some people make requests during their lifetime that make a difference to how they are looked after once they have died. If you are the closest family member or the person responsible for making arrangements for the care of the person who has died, you may have information about their choices that the professionals involved need to know. (In some cases a professional may ask you about organ and tissue donation while the patient is in hospital.)

ACTION: Tell professionals immediately if there are very important things that they need to know, such as body or organ donation or there is care that must be done immediately, such as how the body is positioned. Your request will be respected if at all possible but may be declined if the death has to be investigated for legal reasons. This will be fully explained to you.