It is very common for a bereaved family to know immediately, or discover very soon after the death, that the person who died has left little or no money. About a fifth of all families in 2012 struggled to find the money to even pay for a funeral, meaning that not only did the person who died have no money, but also they did not have enough money to be able to pay themselves.

This is a very hard situation for a family to find themselves in. Most of us want to give someone ‘a good send-off’. There may be pressure on us from distant relatives or friends who do not understand the full situation and many of us feel embarrassed at admitting that we have very little or no money.

In this information pathway we will explain what choices you have and point out any risks you may encounter that might make your own situation more difficult. Please be aware that this is general information as we cannot give you specific financial advice. We will supply links where you can find that type of support.


England, Wales and Northern Ireland