If you are visiting our Bereavement Support website because you have been affected by the death of someone you are close to, we hope you will find our information helpful. We’ll be adding lots more to this new site over time but for the moment we are concentrating on the vital information you need when you are dealing with something that may be a completely new experience at a time when you often feel you can’t cope with anything at all including your own emotions and those of other people around you.

There’s no wrong way to use this site and you may not need to read it all. We’ve arranged the information as questions and answers so if you have just one or two questions, try typing them into the search box to find the best matches. We’ve also grouped the information that fits together under some general headings which roughly follow the order in which things happen when it comes to sorting everything out after a death.

We explain what has to be done, what your choices are (and you’ll be faced with quite a lot of those), the important paperwork, what it is, who gives it to you, when you have to pay for it and what you then do with it. We’ve also put some boxes in around information that is really important for you to take note of and offer some advice relating to some of the decisions you will need to make.

Each year in the UK there are around 500,000 deaths so you are not on your own, although it can often feel that way when you are in the middle of your experience. Everyone is a unique individual who experiences the death of the person they were close to in a unique way. But we also have to go through the same procedures of registering the death, sometimes after investigation by a coroner, arranging a funeral and then dealing with any money and property the person has left behind. It’s also important that we recognise we need to look after ourselves so soon, we’ll be adding a whole new section of information on how to get more information to understand what we are experiencing when we are grieving and also how to get some help from others if we feel we need it. Many people really appreciate talking with someone who’s a little further down a similar road to the one we are travelling or someone who has training and expertise in grief.

No website can answer every single question so please use our contact us email to ask anything you can’t find the answer to here. We’ll answer as quickly as we can and will aim to get a response to you within 2 working days.

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